Prayer for all homeless animals

May 14, 2009

God, I lovingly place all homeless animals in Your loving care.  May angels surround each homeless animal with strength, healing, comfort, love and protection.  May angels lead the right loving people to help each animal and lead them to an abundance of healthy food, shelter and the right people to adopt them into their arms of love.

God bless all homeless animals.  God bless all animals.

Kathy Mikshenas

If you know an animal in need of prayer, please feel free to contact me at

Be the difference to an animal in need  Proceeds help support no kill animal shelters, animal rescue missions and animal ministries.

Prayer of Protection for all animals

4 Responses to “Prayer for all homeless animals”

  1. That was a beautiful prayer. Thank you for remembering the animals. God cares about all of his creation.

  2. kathymik said

    Thank you, Marianne. God bless you.

    Kathy Mikshenas

  3. animeals said

    Thank you this is beautiful! Come visit us at

    • kathymik said

      Thank you and God bless you, your mission and God bless all animals. Your sites are great! I will be praying.

      Kathy Mikshenas

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