Prayers for safety and well being for Canadian Geese in NYC area

June 14, 2009

Prayers for safety, protection and overall well being for the Canadian Geese in the NYC area.  With God All Things Are Possible.  I believe there is a humane way to move the geese without harming people or the geese; and keep them away from the dangers of planes overhead. 

I call upon the angels of God to surround the geese in God’s light, love and protection.  I ask the angels to guide the geese to another safe area away from the danger of the airport and planes.  I embrace these geese and all people involved with the geese in God’s perfect love.  Compassion encircles the earth and specifically each one of these geese in the NYC area.  God bless the geese and all people.  God bless all.

God bless all animals.

Chaplain Kathy

If you know an animal in need of prayer please feel free to contact me at  Prayer requests are always warmly welcomed.

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