Weekly Prayer List

July 25, 2009

Prayers for healing:

Shaggy, a feret, suffering from cancer,

Solstice, a cat, seriously ill with Renal Disease

Mandy, a little dog, seriously ill with Lyme Disease

Jo’s dog, also suffering from Lyme Disease

Athena, a dog, suffering from painful condition causing difficulty walking,

Alley Marie, seriously ill,

Celeste, a dog, seriously ill with cancer,

Rosie, a dog, seriously ill,

Prayer for the safe and immediate return of

Abbey, a dog missing and loved dearly by her family,

Prayers for the safety and protection of Maine Loon Population.

A baby fawn, possibly injured from falling onto the road.

Prayers for comfort and peace for all those that have recently lost a pet or animal.

God, I lovingly place all of these precious beings into Your loving, healing arms of strength and comfort.  I call upon Your angels to surround each precious animal in Your light, love and protection.

God bless all animals.

Kathy Mikshenas

If you know an animal in need of prayer, please feel free to contact me at kathymwriting@gmail.com.

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Easy ways to reach out and help animals in need http://blessanimals.blinkweb.com.

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