Weekly Prayer List and Candles Lit

August 8, 2009

Prayers and candles lit for healing for:

Princess Missy, a cat very ill,

Abby, a dog, suffering from internal bleeding and heat stroke,

Mandy and Max, two dogs suffering from Lyme Disease,

Kotton, a cat suffering from a lump and health problems, recovering from surgery,

Emi, a dog, seriously ill,

Wicky, a dog, suffering from back leg pain and stiffness, having trouble walking,

Nala and Buck for overall well being and health,

Little Bear, a dog suffering from a head injury and concussion,

My little dog, Kiely for overall health and well being

Teak, a cat diagnosed with cancer,

Thelma, a dog suffering from injuries,

Boogle, suffering from an injured spine.

Prayers and candles of safety, well being and immediate return,

For Snuggles, a cat missed dearly by her family,

Buster, a cat missing and loved dearly by her family,

Muffin, a cat missing and loved dearly by her family,

A raccoon walking on the side of a busy roadway

Prayers and candles for comfort, strength and healing for

The families of 3 kittens that recently passed away from HIV,

For the family of Ginger, a beloved cat that recently passed away,

For the people and family that loved a precious horse that passed away from diseases carried by mosquitoes.

God, I lovingly place these cares and precious beings into Your loving hands of healing, comfort, strength, peace and protection.  I call upon Your angels to surround each of these cares, animals and the people that love them, in Your light, love and protection.  God bless all animals and the people that love them.

Kathy Mikshenas

If you know of an animal in need of prayer, please feel free to contact me at kathymwriting@gmail.com.

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Easy ways to reach out and help animals in need http://blessanimals.blinkweb.com.

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