Weekly Prayer List and Candles Lit

November 9, 2009

Prayers and Candles Lit for:

Heather, dog, complete healing;

Sadie, dog that just lost her best dog mate, for healing, peace;

Buck, dog, overall health and well being;

Willow, complete healing;

Shawn, dog that just passed away, for peace and healing for all that loved him;

Lily, overall health and well being and that the owner is able to find the perfect new home for both;

Avery, dog, complete healing;

Buddy, dog, complete healing;

Roxy, beloved cat that passed away, for healing and peace for all that loved her;

Lily and her babies, undergoing a c section birth, for healing, strength, perfect health for each baby, vitality and courage, safety and protection;

God, I place each of these precious animals in Your loving care.  I call upon Your angels to surround them in Your perfect light, love, healing and protection. 

God bless all animals.

Kathy Mikshenas

If you know of an animal in need of prayer please feel free to contact me at kathymwriting@gmail.com.

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