Weekly Prayer List and Candles Lit

January 5, 2010

Prayers and Candles lit for:

Winston, a beloved dog that passed away, peace, healing, comfort and strength for his family;

Heartfelt prayers specifically to the missions of God Bless The Animals, MSPCA Angell Memorial, Villalobos Pit Bull Rescue Sanctuary, Buddy’s Heart Pet Spiritual Ministry, Bless The Animals Foundation, The Animal Healing Project, Maple Farm Sanctuary, Not One Sparrow Organization, Another Chance Animal Rescue, Rockin T Equine Rescue, The Elephant Sanctuary, Franklin County Animal Shelter, Save Our Strays in Maine Organization , The Good Puppy Foundation , Dalhart Animal Wellness Group and Sanctuary, Animeals Animal Food Pantry and Shelter, Hearts United For Animals, Pack Life Organization, Pit Bull Rescue Central, Animals in Distress Organization, Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission, Pet Finder (.) com, The Animal Rescue Site, The Rainforest Site and Adopt A Pet (.)com.

God, I place all of these precious needs in Your loving care.  I call upon Your angels to lead the right people to assist in each need and mission.  I call upon Your angels to surround each need, each animal and each mission in Your perfect healing light, love, strength, wisdom, comfort and protection.

God bless all animals.

Kathy Mikshenas

If you know an animal in need of prayer, please feel free to contact Katherine at kathymwriting@gmail.com.

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