Weekly Prayer List and Candles Lit

January 20, 2010

Prayers and Candles are lit for:

Joe and Susy for healing;

Emily, cat, for healing;

Oliver, cat, for healing;

Sophie, dog, and her babies for a miracle of a loving, nurturing, permanent home for all;

Help for a dog to be rescued and his needs met;

Sweetie, cat, healing;

Help for all animals, people and rescue workers in Haiti, for miracles, healing, comfort, relief, hope and strength;

Cookie, cat, healing;

Sweetheart, dog, miracle of a loving, nurturing, permanent home;

Sugar, dog, healing;

God, I place all of these precious animals in Your loving care.  I call upon Your angels to surround each animal in Your perfect healing, light, love and protection.

God bless all animals.

Kathy Mikshenas

A Prayer and a Blanket Outreach http://kathymik.webs.com.

Blessing All Animals www.squidoo.com/blessinganimals.

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