Monthly Prayers and Blessings

October 12, 2010

For the month of October, 2010,  Heartfelt Prayers and Blessings for:

Animals available for adoption at the MSPCA Adoption and Care Centers in Massachusetts, USA

Ongoing daily prayers for:

Kiely, Buddy, Buck, Nala, Bradee, Daisy, Tippy, Chad, Chip, Ozzie, Tiger, Weezy, Oliver, Costello, Juliet, Jackie Ann, Dexter, Tigger, Boo, Seven, Petey, Mia, Flora, Gigi, Lucy, Bubbles, Liz, Lily and Gryphon, Lillie and Fletcher, Lily, Kat, Cao, Jingles, Cleo, Sunny and her new fur babies, Mary and her brothers and sisters, Gretel, Angel Lace, Angel Wings, Angel Eyes, Noreen and Morris, Mariana and Nelson, Miko and Christo, Emaline, Wallace, Allard Fish, Chickie and Betty, Brady, Esther, Missy, Nola and Nina, Snowy, Kyla, Edgar and Hector, Twinkle, Woody, Ollie, Oliver, Oscar, Chicklet, Sherlock, Ozzy, Buddy, Pandora, Cali, Acey, Monti, Ezra, Tabitha, Precious, Tucker, Cheeto, Worsie, Willie, Jackson, Mathias, Atlas, Dane, Lola, Kali, Rudy, Nathan, Zoe.

All baby animals and their mothers, All animals homeless due to foreclosure, All homeless animals, All ill or injured animals, All animals in need or distress.

Continued prayers for all the animals at the Franklin County Animal Shelter in Farmington, ME

God, I place before You each and every animal.  Your word declares that in Your hand is the life of every living thing.  I call upon Your angels to surround each animal in Your perfect love, healing, comfort, strength and protection.  God bless all animals and the people that love them.

God bless all.

Kathy Mikshenas

If you know an animal in need of prayer,  please feel free to contact Kathy at her e mail address at Feeding, Comforting and Praying for those in need. Blessing Forward – Transforming Negative into Positive through blessing others in small ways. Animal Blessings of  Joy, Comfort and God’s gentle love. Blessing All Animals Bless a Friend, Bless an Animal

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